The animals listed here are looking for new guardians directly from members of the public. This is a referral service only; provided as a courtesy to help caregivers rehome their pets. These animals are not housed at Joybound and have not been seen or evaluated by Joybound. All arrangements to meet these animals must be made directly with their guardians. We make no claims and accept no responsibility as to the pet’s health or temperament and cannot be held liable for any outcomes resulting from adoption. 

The animal’s caregiver provides the description and photographs, and they determine the adoption process and fee. Joybound is unable to provide space at our adoption center for introductions.

If you need to find a new guardian for your pet, please see our rehoming guide and complete Joybound’s animal rehoming form. We offer free, 30-day listings. Be prepared to upload a clear, well-lit photo of your pet. Someone from our team will be in contact with you within five business days.

  • Siggy


    8½ years old, 15 pounds, Pleasant Hill. Siggy, short for Sigmund Freud, is a cuddly and snuggle-loving 8.5 year old American tuxedo cat. Aside from cuddles any time of day he also LOVES chicken and fish. If you ever need …

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  • Cleo-Catra


    11 years old, 13 pounds, Brentwood. Are you looking for a couch buddy? Cleo is the perfect pal for lounging around and looking gorgeous. She is about 10-11 years old, up to date on shots, and recently got a clean …

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  • Sierra


    3 months old, 25 pounds, Livermore. Sierra is a three month old brindle german shepherd with lots of energy and sense of adventure. She has just recently recovered from being spayed. Sierra LOVES to play tug and chase tennis balls …

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  • Shadow


    4 years old, 100 pounds, Stockton. Shadow is a friendly dog. He loves people of all ages and other dogs. He, however, enjoys chasing cats, squirrels, and birds. Shadow enjoys being outdoors either lounging in the shade or going on walks. …

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  • Chloe


    5 years old, 40 pounds, Antioch. Meet Chloe, a delightful 5-year-old Pitbull Terrier eagerly searching for a loving family. Chloe’s gentle nature and friendly disposition make her a wonderful companion, especially around children. She thrives on outdoor adventures and is always …

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  • Oso


    7 years old, 85 pounds, Oakley. This is 7 year old, Oso. He is a male lab/dutch shepherd mix who is searching for his new forever home. Oso is a very good dog. He does great with humans, including kids! …

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  • Jet


    2 years old, 75 pounds, San Leandro. Jet is a young, happy girl who wants to give someone all her love. She does need someone to work with her on basic obedience training, but she knows sit, down, and shake. …

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  • Rook


    3 years old, 60 pounds, Oakland. Rook is a sweet, high-energy dog who needs a home that can keep up with his playful, curious, and spunky nature. He loves fetch, tug of war, running full speed along the coastline, long hikes, …

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  • Graham


    3½ years old, 43 pounds, Oakland. Graham is a super sweet boy (stubborn at times) who loves to play all the time. He enjoys other animals but especially loves to stick close to his humans. He becomes very attached and protective …

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  • Remy


    Remy – 2 years old, 35 pounds, Brentwood Remy is 2 yrs old as of Jan 28th. She is the silliest, most affectionate baby. She’s a little shy at first and struggled with anxiety a bit, but once she opens …

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  • Mira and Lucy Lu

    Mira and Lucy Lu

    Mira – 3 years old, 12 pounds, Walnut Creek.Lucy Lu – 3 years old, 12 pounds, Walnut Creek. “Once upon a time, in a quaint little village, there lived two beautiful black cats named Mira and Lucy Lu. They were …

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  • Loki


    Loki – 2 years old, 62 lbs, Richmond. Loki is a very smart, very handsome boy. When he was first surrendered to us in January, he was very fearful of everything — if he tried to walk more than a …

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